The Morningside Place Drainage Improvements Project (HCFCD Project ID: A135-01-00-E001 – Bond Project ID: F-01) aims to reduce the risk of flooding and alleviate street flooding in the Morningside Place subdivision. This project will improve the subdivision drainage system by constructing new outfalls, making improvements to the storm sewers, relocating the flap gate located within Tributary A135-01-00 and lowing the water surface elevation of the subdivision stormwater detention basins.

This project is being designed and constructed in partnership with the Harris County Water Control and Improvement District Number 89.

Construction will be completed in two phases. Construction on phase 1, shown in pink below, will begin in August 2023 and is anticipated to be complete in spring 2024. Phase 2, shown in orange, will begin after Phase 1 is complete and the necessary right-of-way acquisition and easements are complete.

For details regarding the Traffic Control Plan please click here.