Water/Sewer Information

Si Environmental is the water operator for the District

To begin new service, or if you have any questions regarding your water/sewer service or billing, please contact  Si Environmental Customer Service 832-490-1600

If you have an emergency to report (Water Leak, Loss of Pressure, Service Interruption, Water Main Break, Sanitary Sewer Stoppage, Public Health Hazard) call 832-490-1601 immediately.

Late Payment/Disconnection
A late charge equal to 15% of the unpaid balance will be assessed on all accounts not current as of the 23rd of each month. A delinquency notice and termination warning will be sent via US mail. If the account is still in arrears after the first Tuesday of the month, a door tag will be placed on the homeowner’s door which indicates termination of service will occur in 72 hours if payment is not received.
Payments may be made by phone or via the SI Environmental website but it is best to call customer service for the correct payoff balance and method to avoid  a turn off once you have received a termination notice. Terminated services will result in a reconnection fee. Payments that are returned for insufficient funds will also be assessed a handling charge.
If there is a discrepancy that cannot be resolved with customer service, please feel free to attend the District board meeting to address the Board of Directors during the Public Comment section of the agenda (at the beginning of the meeting). Scheduled meetings are listed in the Calendar section of this website.