1. Open the outside faucet in the front, preferably on the same side as the water meter, first and let it run for approximately 3-4 or 5 minutes. Possibly a few minutes longer if the water is discolored when opened. Then turn it off once water is clear.
  2. If the water at the front faucet does not run clear, turn it off and call the SI Enviro emergency repair department. (832-490-1601)
  3. Go to the outside faucet to the rear of the property and open it for approximately 5 minutes or until the water is clear. Then turn it off.
  4. Go inside and open the cold-water bathtub faucet (largest without a filter) farthest from the front of the house (1st outside faucet) and leave it running for approximately 2-3 minutes or until water clears. Then turn it off.
  5. Next open all other cold-water faucets and let them run for approximately a minute or two or until water is clear. Turn them off.
  6. The customer may want to recheck the outside front and rear faucets to make sure the water is still running clear.
  7. If the outside faucet water is clear but the internal is not, the customer may want to wait about 30-45 minutes and repeat the process. Sometimes it may take more than once for all the faucets to run clear.
  8. Once the cold-water faucets are running clear, it is suggested the customer open the hot water faucets since clear water will backfill the hot water heater.