Health Goals 2022

Harris County WCID 89 is in unincorporated Harris County outside of the City of Houston limits. We supply water and sewer services and provide our area with enhanced security. The District wants to highlight some of the many resources available within Harris County. We are holding an event at the WCID 89 District Administration Building, at 3455 Fellows Rd, on Saturday June 4, 2022 10 am – 3 pm

The purpose of this event is to heighten awareness about health and safety and educate the WCID 89 community about actions they may take that can improve their quality of life. Multiple sponsors will interact with residents of all age groups including Constable Precinct 7, a Houston Fire Department Unit with their truck, the Houston Food Bank and more. Details of the sponsors and scheduled activities will be posted prior to the event. Please join us at this inaugural activity at the new building.

Flyer for Event

2021 Tax Rate Adopted

On October 6, the Board of Directors adopted a total District tax rate of $.87 which consists of $.48 for operations and maintenance and $.39 for debt service. This is a reduction from the total 2020 tax rate of $.94 and the 2019 tax rate of $.99.

Update #3 Water Quality Issues

In order to address the water quality issues, in addition to beginning a unidirectional flushing program on July 26, 2021, further actions have been taken by our Operator, SI Environmental:

  1. Water plant #2 has been taken out of service for cleaning. The water is being drained and a chlorine burn is being performed as a way of refreshing the water once it’s refilled.
  2. The interconnect with the City of Houston has been temporarily shut off. The District is now using 100% well water and is converting the disinfectant used to treat the water from chloramines to free chlorine. This is to remove build up of biofilm in the system, tanks and pipes that is due to the chloramines in the surface water the District is required to take from the City of Houston. The well water, treated with free chlorine will smell and taste different but should not be noxious or unpleasant. The entire District is being flushed to push the water treated with chloramines out faster.

The effects of these actions should be noticeable in one or two days. Even if you have previously flushed your faucets, interior and exterior, please do so again to clear out any lingering odors you may have experienced.

You no longer have to report your address to the Board of Directors unless there’s not a noticeable difference in any bad odors or taste within this week. Also, please continue to call in to SI Environmental to report any issues with the water.

Thank you for your patience as the Board of Directors seek a solution to this complex issue.

Update #2- Water Quality Issues

We’ve received several emails, so our response time may have increased but the District activities regarding this situation have continued:

The Board of Directors has become aware of the issues some of our residents have had with the water, particularly in Brunswick Meadows. We have met with our Operator and Engineer to look for solutions. We have outlined our response plan on our website at

Please make sure you have also reported this to SI Environmental at 832-490-1601. They are beginning a unidirectional flushing (power flushing) program in Brunswick Meadows on Monday July 26 to address the water quality. It is anticipated to take the entire week to complete.

If you continue to experience an odor, please run all faucets in the house and outside for 15-20 minutes. If the odor is in the hot water, please run the hot water about 20 – 25 minutes depending on the size of your hot water tank.

If you called in to SI about this problem or emailed, your address has been included in the power flushing map. Please continue to check the website for updates as we work this out.