In accordance with Chapter 551, Texas Government Code, and Section 49.063, both as amended, take notice that the Board of Directors of Harris County Water Control and Improvement District No. 89 will meet at 3455 Fellows Rd, Houston, TX 77047 at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, August 29, 2022. At such meeting, the Board will consider and act on the following matters (meeting documents can be accessed at

Current Agenda

2022 Minutes

01 19 2022 Minutes
01 05 2022 Minutes

2021 Minutes

03 17 2021 Minutes

03 17 2021 Minutes

03 03 2021 Minutes

02 24 2021 Minutes

02 03 2021 Minutes

01 27 2021 Minutes

01 20 2021 Minutes

01 06 2021 Minutes

2020 Minutes

M.2020.08.04 HC89

M.2020.07.21 HC89

M.2020.07.07 HC89

M.2020.06.16 HC89

M.2020.06.02 HC89

M.2020.05.19 HC89

M.2020.05.05 HC89

M.2020.04.21 HC89

M.2020.04.07 HC89

M.2020.03.17 HC89

M.2020.03.03 HC89

M.2020.02.18 HC89

M.2020.02.04 HC89

M.2020.01.21 HC89

M.2020.01.07 HC89

2019 Minutes

M.2019.12.17 HC89
M.2019.12.03 HC89

M.2019.11.19 HC89

M.2019.11.05 HC89

M.2019.10.15 HC89 

M.2019.10.01 HC89

M.2019.09.17 HC89

M.2019.09.03 HC89

M.2019.08.27 HC89

M.2019.08.06 HC89

M.2019.07.16 HC89

M.2019.07.02 HC89

M.2019.06.18 HC89

M.2019.06.04 HC89

M.2019.05.29 HC89

M.2019.05.21 HC89

M.2019.05.07 HC89

M.2019.04.16 HC89

M.2019.04.02 HC89

M.2019.03.19 HC89

M.2019.03.04 HC89

M.2019.02.19 HC89

M.2019.02.05 HC89

M.2019.01.15 HC89

M.2019.01.04 HC89

Minutes from previous years will be available on an upcoming Archives page or from our Board Attorney listed on the About Us page.

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