Water Quality Issues in Brunswick Meadows

On July 7, 2021, the Harris County WCID 89 Board was made aware of a number of residents of the WCID 89 Brunswick Meadows subdivision who are having an issue with water odors and other quality issues. If you are one of those residents, please report it to SI Environmental at 832-490-1601.

The District uses both surface water from the City of Houston and ground water from two wells within the District. The the water is treated and mixed to provide water to the residents coming from the ground storage tanks. We are required to accept 80% surface water and only use 20% ground water due to Subsidence District rules put in place to prevent the subsiding of our land from water overuse. Throughout the year and for various situations the mix of the waters and disinfectants used to treat the water may change and that can result in a change in the characteristics of the water including taste and smell.

Residents can be assured that the Board is not satisfied to just say that the water has been tested and is still up to Texas Commission Environmental Quality (TCEQ) standards, which it is. We want to make sure that the use or consumption of the water is not unpleasant or concerning. Our Operator is coordinating the problem location data submitted by the residents and will begin a power flushing program once that is done. In the meantime, our District Engineer has mapped the data and SI will be flushing in all of those areas submitted to the Board by email to directors@wcid89.org.

We will use the District website as the first line of information. Please check back for updates. We will be reaching out to obtain your consent to use our alert system to text or robocall you with (only) important updates.

Please check for the agenda and Zoom information for our special virtual meeting on the Meetings page on this website.

Board of Directors,
Harris County WCID 89