SOAH Hearing Date- Tuesday 9/24/19, 10 am

We previously reported that one of the District’s developers, Lennar Homes, is suing the District in an attempt to take away our decision making power that we use to protect the interests of the taxpayers of this District. We are pleased to announce that the State Office of Administrative Hearing (SOAH) hearing has been moved from Austin to Houston. The address is 2020 North Loop West, Houston, Texas 77018- Suite111 at 10 am.

In a nutshell, Lennar is not happy with the multimillion dollar reimbursements they have received from the District and have decided to petition the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to force us to pay additional money that we contend we do not owe.

In the course of the document discovery and representative testimony it has been made clear that they did not deal with this District and their development, Brunswick Meadows, in an honest and fair manner. This is something this Board has said and tried to get the Brunswick Meadows HOA to recognize for years.

This is not a political rant. We’re hoping to inspire you to attend the hearing so you can see the process, hear the truth, and increase the chances we are all treated fairly. Witnesses bring light to dark situations. See you there.