Update: Water Quality Issues in Brunswick Meadows

On July 15, 2021, Harris County WCID 89 held a special meeting of the Board of Directors to consider actions to address the water quality issues that residents of the Brunswick Meadows subdivision are currently experiencing. Multiple residents attended the Zoom virtual meeting to give details about the challenges they have faced with odors and taste.

Our Operator, SI Environmental, was in attendance and gave an overview of the water facilities, water origins (see the July 12 posting below for more information), conventional flushing, as well as unidirectional (power) flushing. Unidirectional flushing is a method of getting a higher velocity flush that removes more sediment and biofilms from the main lines and can address taste and odor issues.

The Board discussed and voted on the following actions:
1. Map homes experiencing problems to follow up with the flushing program.
2. Authorize additional quality testing of key homes determined by the mapping.
3. Track SI response to calls.
4. In response to residents being asked to run faucets, and depending on the situation, flush hot water heaters, the Board voted to charge only the minimum monthly bill for each residential customer while we address this problem.
5. The Operator will have the disinfection manufacturing specialists come out and review the chemical mixtures at both water plants help improve the water quality. This was a success in a previous situation.

Please give these efforts at least 10 days to work system wide. You may see a difference as soon as the chemicals are adjusted. The Board asks that if you still have issues to continue to call SI Environmental at 832-490-1601 to report it. Please note the date, time and person you spoke to for future reference.

The Board of Directors remain reachable at directors@wcid89.org and you can also attend our virtual meetings on the first and third Wednesday of each month. Click the Meetings tab for more information on how to join the meeting.